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Personalized Announcements

Tell your family and friends about your accomplishments with personalized announcements.

Thank You Notes

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Acknowledge anyone who helped make your graduation a special event by sending them a thank you note.

Envelope Seals

A beautiful, embossed envelope seal will add an elegant final touch to your announcement envelope or thank you note envelope.

There's still time!

We're still offering graduation products for your school, which can ship within 24 hours of your order placement.*

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Certificate of Appreciation

Recognize and honor those who have supported you by gifting them with a beautiful certificate.

Announcement CoverMocassini Luna 38 Scamosciato In Taglia Stella Nero Eu 4785688 xB6gw4Zq

Send that special someone a keepsake of your graduation announcement protected by an embossed, leatherette cover.

Return Address Labels

Save time addressing your envelopes with personalized labels.

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Manhattan, KS 66505
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When can you expect delivery?

In most situations we are able to process your order and ship within 24 hours. Exceptions: ordering late in the day, weekends, and holidays; ceremony not confirmed, etc.

Shipping options: Overnight, 2nd day, or standard ground. If standard ground is chosen, you should receive your package within 5-7 business days after shipping.

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I was in a last minute panic and found your website. I ordered them on a Wednesday morning and they were on my front porch Friday afternoon. They were perfect and the paper and design was of excellent quality. In addition I talked with two reps by telephone who were extremely helpful. I would recommend your company to anyone who is looking for excellent quality, a fair price, and extremely accurate and fast service.
Pam  |  Doylestown, Ohio

Thank you SO much for your wonderful, quick service!!! I placed my order last Tuesday just after 6:00 PM CT and my order was waiting on my doorstep Thursday evening when I arrived home from work. Your order and delivery processes are seamless and most efficient. I appreciate this so much. In addition, the announcements look GREAT. Thank You!!!!
Jill  |  University of Northern Iowa

N R To T B O Su Ready Wear Fantastiche 221 U D A Immagini 7AtqTxwRY

Thank you for the services that your company provides to new graduates. The website employed by your company is concise, well-organized, and friendly-to-navigate through. The transition from the student to the competent professional is often quite difficult. You have provided an exceptional service to individuals experiencing high levels of stress at a time when life is moving with dizzying speed. The individuals that comprise the service component of your organization are to be commended for their supreme efforts and business oriented tactics. I will not hesitate to recommend your company by name.
Dolce Borse Porta Ventiquattr'ore amp; Gabbana Nero Laptop Chris  |  University of Kansas

I did receive the announcements and I am very pleased! They are a better quality than the ones the school went with from another company. (I didn’t like the other announcements). I also thought the personal customer service with your company was the best. Thank you so much and I have an 11 year old and I will do business with you again. Thanks.
Jean  |  Lebanon Senior High School

Thank you for the beautiful job on my graduation announcements, and their timely delivery. I am so impressed with the efficiency with which your company functions. Dolce Laptop amp; Nero Ventiquattr'ore Porta Borse Gabbana
Julie  |  Utah State University

I ordered my announcements on a Friday and they were at my doorstep on Tuesday. Not only did they look great, (a lot nicer than the competitors) but your service was great too! Thanks!
Kristin  |  University of Kansas€ Acquista Opus® 20 7 Magliette Da Stylight d5t1Xq

There are no words to express our appreciation for all you did to make it possible for my son to get his announcements, despite the fact they were ordered late. You were just great to be so willing to be as accommodating as possible. And, you came through. Our order arrived yesterday. We won’t forget your kindness and all you did.
Deanne  |  University of California, RiversideCollezione Abbigliamento Con Drezzy Prezzi Amazon Spalline Donna Oqq6dcHzW1

I am surprised how quickly I received my order. I received it today, 2 days after I ordered it. Thank you for being so quick.
Cheryl  |  California State University, Los Angeles

Thank you for the prompt response. Graduation is June 18, I really appreciate your efforts to get the other tassel to me!! I also should mention that the announcements, thank you notes, and Certificate of Appreciation look fabulous. I am very excited to send them out to my family and friends. Thanks to your company. I appreciate the top quality of your products.
Pamela  |  University of California, Irvine

Thank You! My daughter called me and said she received her announcements today! I could hardly believe it, I only ordered them Monday evening. That was the fastest service I have ever had with any order any where. I am impressed.
Linda  |  Fort Hays State University

S Q By Moda Collezioni Offerta Alla Designed Unita In Drezzy Tinta wOxPHBqt

Thank you for your professional services. You have gone out of your way and I appreciate that. I will definitely be using your services again as we will have another graduation coming soon and two younger children to follow. Thanks.
Cheryl  |  California State University, Fullerton

I received my invitations on Wednesday! WOW! They exceeded my expectations! Thank you for the excellent, fast service!
Catherine  |  Stephens College

I received the announcements that I ordered. They are perfect. I ordered on Saturday, and received them today (Tuesday). What quick service and they are exactly as I ordered. Thank Iris Abbigliamento Donna amp; Bralette Amazon Lilly qXwXPUxT
Jeff  |  University of Missouri

I must take a moment to let you know what a pleasure it has been working with one of your representatives, Kimberly. I placed an order and had some special requests. She has been most helpful, and a real pleasure to work with. She is truly an asset to your organization. I am a customer service/sales supervision myself, and recognize and appreciate excellent customer service. Thank you very much.
26 Jeans Love Flo Pantaloni it Lea Stileo Celeste Moschino vqA6FAlice  |  North Carolina State University

Thank you so much. Your company has been nothing but wonderful. Thank you for such great customer service. Today, there is so little thought and care given and I wanted you to know how much it meant to me to be treated with such kindness. My little order was treated with as much compassion as your big orders—and I want you to know that my little order means as much and probably more than the people with the huge orders. Thank you so much!
Dawn  |  Arizona State University Ventiquattr'ore Gabbana Nero Dolce Laptop amp; Porta Borse

Thank you... your Customer service is great... it is a shame that more companies are not like yours...
Julie  |  Air Force Academy

Thank you very much for the quick answer. Good Customer service is hard to find now days. I appreciate your truthfulness, too. It’s nice that the order will be out so fast! Have a great Holiday Season.
Victoria  |  University of Colorado, BoulderVentiquattr'ore Borse Nero Gabbana Laptop Dolce amp; Porta

Thank you so much! I got my announcements yesterday already. It was a pleasure doing business with you. I will use you again in a year and a half when number 2 graduates!!!
Diane  |  University of Missouri

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